Everything You Need to Know About NAD+ and Aging


Every cell in the human body uses the coenzyme NAD+. According to Harvard researchers, NAD+ can repair aging-related metabolic factors. Higher concentrations of NAD+ and a specific type of vitamin B3 can be recovered by nicotinamide riboside.

Our vitality decreases as we age because our cells can no longer produce youthful energy.

NAD+ is a crucial co-factor needed for cellular energy transfer that also plays a vital part in controlling how quickly we age biologically. Recent research has demonstrated that NAD+ has two unique anti-aging effects. It first boosts mitochondrial activity and then turns on particular sirtuins linked to regulating life span.

Fortunately, nicotinamide riboside, a type of vitamin B3, can restore higher levels of NAD+. With this development, aged people can increase their NAD+ cellular levels.

Let's delve further to learn everything about NAD+ and aging and its connected products.


Every body cell contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), essential for controlling the genes that hasten age.

It is also NAD+ that transmits energy from fatty acids and glucose to the mitochondria, which is then converted into cellular energy. When NAD+ levels drop, energy transport in cells is disrupted, which causes mitochondrial malfunction and many visible signs of aging.

Fortunately, raising NAD+ levels inside cells. Key anti-aging enzymes can rescue age-related mitochondrial dysfunction termed sirtuins, notably SIRT1 and SIRT3, activated by NAD+ to fight age. Sirtuins promote longevity by positively regulating gene expression.


  • The co-factor NAD+, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is crucial for many metabolic processes.
  • The body's energy-producing mitochondria and the enzymes are known to play a vital role in the aging process; sirtuins depend on NAD+ levels as high as possible.
  • Niacinamide riboside supplements can help NAD+ levels regain their normal, youthful levels because they naturally decline with aging.
  • It has been shown that raising NAD+ levels can reverse some critical signs of aging.

An effective anti-aging procedure used to renew and revitalize the body and skin is NAD+ anti-aging IV therapy. Everyone is impacted by the aging process, with weakening muscles, body and facial wrinkles, and diminished muscle strength, but there are ways to slow this down and make you feel better and younger.

A vital coenzyme called NAD+, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is present in your body's cells. It converts food into sound energy, repairs bodily damage, and participates in several metabolic processes like DNA repair.

Restoring NAD+ levels may have various beneficial effects, such as increased longevity, DNA repair, energy, metabolism, mental clarity, mood, and neurological and cognitive performance.


Because it boosts the body's serotonin production and reduces stress, NAD+ Injection (500mg) from IVY RX can help prevent the consequences of aging. One of the outside elements that affect how we age is stress. NAD+ can also increase metabolism, energy levels, physical performance, and brain function.

Our metabolisms change with age, making it more challenging to maintain good health. The NAD+ therapy and the Super NAD+ are the two separate NAD+ IV therapies offered by Drip IV.


Numerous lifestyle choices, including sleep, nutrition, smoking, and stress, are just a few that impact aging and cognitive function. NAD+ IV therapy is available to help you look and feel younger.

An organic coenzyme called NAD+ is necessary for cellular metabolism. NAD+ level decreases with age, which may help to explain why cellular functions decline with age.

As you know, NAD+ contributes to synthesizing energy, DNA repair, cell death, etc. NAD+ Injections from IVY RX may help regain youthful cellular activity and slow the aging process.

NAD+ injections can also help you recover from autoimmune disorders, fight the physical impacts of aging, minimize anxiety and improve sleep patterns.


The body's natural production of NAD+ enhances mitochondrial activity and heals damaged cells, particularly those responsible for the skin's suppleness.

By using this method, aging-related wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines are diminished. In contrast to lotions and serums, which are applied topically, NAD+ is injected intravenously and targets the underlying cause of aging.

You can use a pure NAD+ topical cream from IVY RX to fight and reverse the effects of skin aging. You can see improvements within as little as two weeks without using harsh chemicals or experiencing adverse side effects. NAD+ cream improves texture and minimizes wrinkles.

Along with NAD+, the formula also includes saline solution, which is the perfect ratio of salt and water for rehydrating cells. It is crucial since persistent dehydration can also result in the development of skin wrinkles.


Better muscle function and quicker recovery after exercise or injury are linked to higher levels of NAD+. One study even found that patients with muscular dystrophy with higher levels of NAD+ in their bodies had better muscle function.

It is due to NAD+'s ability to strengthen mitochondria, a cell's powerhouse, which aids in healing damaged cells throughout the body.

NAD+ Nasal Spray from IVY RX can support aging, healthy cognitive ability, healthy metabolism, and general wellness.


Gen impairments characterize the illnesses we label aging- and energy-related processes brought on by the age-related decline in NAD+. A drop in NAD+ levels and the accompanying drop in Sirtuins have the following effects:

  • Brain degradation of neurons.
  • Vascular inflammation damages blood vessels and can cause a heart attack or stroke.
  • A rise in liver fat storage can result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
  • Adipose tissue, the primary fat storage found in harmful belly fat, has increased fat production and fat deposition.
  • Insulin resistance raises blood sugar levels by preventing cells from properly eliminating glucose from circulation, which directly causes metabolic syndrome.

If you have questions about how IV NAD+ and anti-aging therapy might improve your body's defenses and treat age-related health conditions, get in touch with IVY RX to speak with a member of our highly-trained NAD+ medical staff. We can provide all the necessary details and create the most effective treatment strategy.