Medical Advisory Board

Meet our team of physicians and scientists who are committed to advancing longevity health research and development. Our board includes experienced advisors in clinical research from biotech companies.

Network of providers with board certifications spans across:

Primary Care

Our Experts

Silvia Mosher, MD

Founder of Onco Solution and Medical Monitoring Solutions. Dr. Mosher is a Board Certified Hematologist with over 25 years of clinical experience. Dr. Mosher has extensive experience in Clinical Development, Medical Affairs and has held several leadership roles across CROs, biotech companies and mid size pharmaceutical companies.

Rocio Reategui, MD

Medical Director at MMS. Dr. Reategui is a Board Certified Oncologist with 17 years of clinical experience and 12 years of medical affairs and clinical development experience. Extensive experience in solid tumors: breast, lung, kidney, ovarian, gastric and prostate cancers as a Principal Investigator.

Katy Ordoñez, MD

Physician with 22 years of clinical experience, pediatric training and practice for 8 years, and 12 years practicing as a pediatric oncologist. Dr. Ordoñez is a Latin-American key opinion leader for Wilms tumor. She is a pediatric palliative care professor at San Marcos University School of Medicine and founder of the non-profit organization Golden Hearts.

Andrew Tran, MD

Dr. Tran is a highly accomplished physician with dual specialties in Neurology and Psychiatry, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table. Dr. Tran is a well-respected expert in the field, known for providing exceptional care to patients with complex behavioral health.

Steven Spohn, PharmD

Dr. Spohn is a distinguished expert in the field of nutritional support, holding a prominent position as a specialty clinical pharmacist with a focus on critical care. With an extensive background in pharmacy and a passion for nutrition, Dr. Spohn has dedicated his career to optimizing patient care and improving health outcomes in critical care settings.

Tung Tran, PharmD

Dr. Tran is an accomplished pharmacist with 10+ years of experience in sports medicine and pro-fitness health. Designed personalized treatment plans for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and offer expert advice on supplements and nutrition.